Beautiful Wedding & Holiday Destinations

The allure of exotic locales and excellent exchange rates makes the option of weddings abroad an intriguing prospect for some couples when planning their venue and holiday destinations. Beginning a new life together at the same time as they discover the mysteries of a lovely island or mountain hideaway can often make wonderful memories that will be treasured for a lifetime. Here are both local and foreign locales that would make unforgettable sites for a wedding abroad or just a great holiday away from home.

• Zakynthos, Greece

One of the most beautiful Greek islands, Zakynthos is a popular tourist destination for luxurious holidays and intimate events. It has numerous sandy beaches that attract tourist during the summer months with luxury hotels and villas. It is an island in the Ionian sea and the 3rd largest of the Ionian islands. It’s most famous landmark is the Navagio beach, a cove isolated by high cliffs and accessible only by boat.

• Tuscany, Italy

Choose a memorable location for the most memorable day of your lives. Italian wedding destinations are never out of style. The region is lush with culture, arts, good food, and great wine. Getting married in Tuscany or Lake Como will be challenge for couples living abroad, so hiring a great Italian wedding planner is the key to a stress-free planning. There are Italian wedding packages available through various agencies that can accommodate bespoke requirements. One that comes highly recommended is the team from Italian Style Weddings. You can visit their website at italianstyleweddings.co.uk for more information.

• Lincolnshire, United Kingdom

A holiday away from home need not be a thousand miles away. Sometimes, it’s the places nearby that can give us unforgettable memories. Lincolnshire boasts of heritage houses, museums, parks and gardens, and historic cathedrals. There are also festivals all year round that you can time your travel to. Lincolnshire bed and breakfasts are also among the best in the country. Guest houses and hotels may vary with your budget, but every accommodation offer only the best service. For more information, visit the official tourism website at visitlincolnshire.com.

• Nicosia, Cyprus

For a Mediterranean destination that is just a couple of hours from the UK by air, Cyprus beckons visitors with stunning blue waters, lovely beaches and an exotic appeal. As a member of the European Union, travel to Cyprus is simple compared to other foreign destinations. History buffs will enjoy a stroll through the island’s many ruins and there are a number of churches that would make a charming venue for a wedding celebration. The island has long been a hotspot for holiday makers seeking warm breezes and foreign culture without long hours of air travel and the island’s renowned wines make the perfect way to toast a new couple.

• Les Arcs, La Plagne, Vallandry, Les Coches and Plan Peisey, France

Luxury catered ski chalets in Les Arcs and Plan Peisey, France is another popular holiday destination for both couples and families. Planning your trip is a breeze as well with a plethora of chalet package available that can easily be booked online.

• San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

This gem of Spanish colonial architecture lies in the heart of the country of Mexico. Designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site several years ago, the city features beautiful cathedrals, colourful adobe houses, cobbled streets and a wealth of vibrant culture and delicious regional food. As a destination for weddings abroad, the city of San Miguel offers wonderful celebration venues, from lovely churches to large banquet halls to unique sites for a wedding, such as a park or art museum. Mexico often offers an excellent exchange rate for pounds to pesos, as well, making it a sometimes extremely economical destination choice for both holidays and honeymoons.

• Aspen, Colorado, United States

For those who love skiing in the winter or a hiking paradise in the summer, the American state of Colorado offers a return to nature couched in rugged luxury. The city of Aspen is famous for its excellent skiing and exclusive lodges. There’s hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing and swimming in the summer, while skiing and snowboarding dominate the cold winter months. While travelling to the United States can be a long flight, the unparalleled mountain views and opportunity to curl up next to a warm fire make it all worthwhile.

• Jimbaran, Bali, Indonesia

This exotic island getaway has long been known as a center of healing, beauty and art. The city of Jimbaran is the site of many luxurious resorts and hotels strewn along Bali’s pristine sandy beaches, just south of the party city of Kuta. Promising a relaxing destination for bride, groom and wedding guests alike, Bali enchants visitors with its coastal beaches and jungle interior, promising a holiday that will delight avid surfers, intrepid trekkers, opportunistic shoppers and those who just like to sunbathe alike. There are plenty of luxury accommodations and venues for a wedding or the island makes a wonderful honeymoon destination once the nuptial celebration is over.

• Gili Trawangan, Lombok, Indonesia

The largest of Lombok’s Gili Islands, Gili Trawangan is considered one of the most beautiful and popular travel destinations in Indonesia. Water activities include diving, snorkelling, island hopping, and more. Holiday accommodations at bed and breakfasts are plentiful and affordable, with easy access to the beach. You can easily find holiday and travel accommodations for hotels, bed and breakfasts, or bungalows in Gili Trawangan. Make sure to stop by at one of the most famous accommodation in the island, located at Tir Na Nog hotel.

• George Town, Cayman Islands

With the added advantage of being a member of the Commonwealth, the Cayman Islands make the perfect destination for holiday makers and honeymooners alike. The islands do not require a visa for those travelling from the United Kingdom and they even observe British traffic rules, making driving there a breeze. As a honeymoon destination, the Caymans promise warmth, sun, a relaxed island vibe and the chance to visit one of the premier holiday spots in the Caribbean. There’s even the opportunity to rent a 45-person submarine, for a truly spectacular wedding service below the water’s surface. For those with a romantic bent, Seven Mile Beach makes a lovely spot for a barefoot wedding by the sea.

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